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Stealth 64mm Billet Cummins 04.5-07 HE351 Turbo

Stealth 64mm Billet Cummins 04.5-07 HE351 Turbo


The Cummins Stealth 64 is an upgraded, drop-in, replacement turbo for the 2003-2007, 5.9L Cummins.  It is designed to bolt in and require nothing other than removing the factory turbo and dropping this one in it’s place.  The turbo features a custom profile, 64mm (actual measurement 63.5mm) billet wheel perfectly mapped to a modified compressor cover and 65mm, 10-blade turbine inside the HE351's 9cm housing.  

The Cummins Stealth 64 is one of the quickest spooling turbo's we have tested for the 5.9L Cummins.  Even the most experienced enthusiast have a hard time telling the difference between a stock HE351 and a Stealth 64 during light throttle, daily driving.  This is directly tied to the tight exhaust housing and light weight turbine wheel.  If you are going to daily drive your Cummins, consider a quick spool-up a "must have". 

Stock injector / built transmission trucks can expect an easy 100+ RWHP (Rear Wheel Horse Power) gain with no tune adjustment required.  

With the quick spool and improved top end power, this is a great turbo for towing performance.  If you like use your truck for work and have to tow something the Stealth 64 is up to the task.  We have measured excellent EGT control without sacrificing performance.  

This charger is the perfect fit for those of you with future plans for a twin kit.  Take your time and put the build together in stages.  Start by upgrading the factory charger with an easy drop-in and build off it down the road.  In a compound or twin kit we have many customers making 950-1,000HP!  Of course those builds include a more extensive list of supporting modifications.  Still it is nice to know there is a proven formula to follow.  

On the other hand, if you want street-able power out of a single turbo, we have tested that too.  When really pushed, this turbo is capable of over 700RWHP!  Calibrated Power tested 100% over Exergy Injectors with a 12mm Exergy Cp3 pump on a 2007 Cummins while sporting the Stealth 64.  The truck produced a whopping 722RWHP and made one mean machine on the street!

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